Hans-Georg Peters

Hans-Georg Peters

Senior Client Partner


Hans-Georg Peters is a Senior Client Partner for Korn Ferry, based in the firm’s Frankfurt office.

As one of Korn Ferry’s experts in organizational analysis, organizational transformation, and clarity issues, Mr. Peters has provided consulting services for a number of international and national clients. On a number of projects he has supported international clients from and in Europe, Asia, and South and North America.

Mr. Peters helped optimize procedures and strategies as advisor to CEOs and senior members of executive teams of large organizations from different sectors. 

Mr. Peters specializes in organizational clarity-design and evaluation. With more than twenty years of experience in consulting and three years of working for the industry, he provides a breadth of insight, advice, and perspectives. Mr. Peters focuses on improved alignment of organizational practices, new business strategies, processes and role definition, and the development of change program for companies.

Mr. Peters is a director of business development focusing on Korn Ferry Germany and Austria. 

Prior to joining Korn Ferry, Mr. Peters worked for the head association of electricity supply companies in Germany where he was acting as Personal Assistant to the CEO. He was in charge of the IT section, and responsible for the coordination of staff tasking for the regional subsidiaries representing over one thousand member companies.

Mr. Peters has a degree in the combined studies of engineering and business administration from the University of Karlsruhe.