Helen Omstead

Helen Omstead

Senior Client Partner

New York

Ms. Omstead’s 20-year career has focused primarily on performance consulting as well as leadership and management development as it relates to the custom design of blended solutions and the development of strategies for engaging senior level audiences to affect changes in behavior.

Ms. Omstead has worked with clients to oversee large scale, global change initiatives, identification and development of high-potential programs, competency development and mapping initiatives, and senior team effectiveness and development programs.

Ms. Omstead has gained experience and successes in partnering with Fortune 500 clients in the creation of targeted solutions for individual contributors through high potential and senior level executive leaders. She has worked with organizations in succession planning, leadership assessment, leadership development and high potential development.

Ms. Omstead’s experience spans a wide variety of industries including financial services, medical devices, pharma, hospitality, media and communications, technology, insurance, and management consulting.

Ms. Omstead earned her master of business administration degree from the University of San Francisco and her bachelor of science degree from St. Mary’s College.