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Jaime Bárcenas Ramos

Jaime Bárcenas Ramos

Senior Principal


Jaime Bárcenas Ramos has extensive experience and has been a Business Consultant for more than 25 years. His main responsibilities are: leadership in the development and implementation of Strategic Management and Human Capital models, transformation of business models, in different industries and sectors of Latin America.

In addition, Mr. Ramos has led and advised the design, transformation and implementation of projects focused on strategic formulation and execution, human capital development based on competency models, he has designed and implemented strategies for cultural transformation and change management.

Prior to joining Korn Ferry, Mr. Ramos was a Senior Financial Services Consultant in Latin America with EY. For nine years he was a Managing Partner of sönar services, a business consulting firm focused on the strategic definition and development of human capital. Previously, he was Senior Consultant at KPMG for three years, responsible for strategy practice, human management and change management. In his beginnings as a consultant for eleven years, he was a business consultant at Accenture in several countries in Latin America and Spain.

Mr. Ramos studied Industrial and systems engineering in the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey and has a MBA in the EAE Business School Barcelona.

Mr. Ramos is Professor on Strategic Management of Talent in MBA of the Javeriana University in Colombia and a speaker and columnist in the magazine Dinero.com in Colombia and other specialized magazines in Mexico and Ecuador.