Korn Ferry
Karen M. Reedman

Karen M. Reedman

Senior Principal


Karen Reedman is a Senior Principal for Korn Ferry Hay Group, based in the firm’s Ottawa office.

Ms. Reedman leads evaluations and guides working groups through all phases of compensation development. Her role includes advisory and audit services throughout diverse projects. She is especially sensitive to the conflicting priorities and personalities on client teams.

With an energetic dedication to a diverse range of clients, Ms. Reedman has worked in the broad public and private sectors. Her value as a trusted advisor is in her ability to align business strategy to a total rewards framework for stakeholders and senior management. Ms. Reedman’s years of facilitation and best practice review means she is able to provide insight and provide targeted improvements for clients. 

Ms. Reedman’s experience lies in a number of different areas. Through job evaluation she provides training for individuals and has lead joint job evaluation committees either to evaluate or audit results.

With compensation analysis, Ms. Reedman helps clients review, develop, and implement compensation plans. Through performance management and competencies, she identifies needs and develops new processes. She has experience with talent management, building and rolling out tailor-made recruitment strategies or succession planning.

Ms. Reedman’s operation and financial responsibility includes evaluating systems and implementing solutions. As a project lead she acts as a single point of contact during any implementation. 

Ms. Reedman graduated from Saint Mary’s University with a bachelor of commerce in human resources and marketing. She is also a certified human resources leader, and a certified recruiter with the Canadian Recruiting Guild

Ms. Reedman is a past Chair, Nova Scotia Special Olympics.