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Katharine Stowe

Katharine Stowe

Senior Partner


Ms. Stowe has a tenure with the Firm of more than 12 years. Her areas of expertise include the design and development of competency-based talent and learning solutions, designed to accelerate business strategies.

Ms. Stowe helps clients achieve strategic business results through talent development initiatives. Committed to high quality delivery and excellence, she has deep experience serving clients in the professional services and financial services industries.

Prior to joining Global Novations, which became part of Korn Ferry’s Diversity & Inclusion and Talent Optimization Practice in September of 2012, Ms. Stowe served in training, management, and consulting roles with Ernst and Young, London House, Acclivus, Communispond, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and Celemi. Her direct responsibilities in those roles included training, sales, curriculum design, and development of assessment tools.

Ms. Stowe earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s of science degree in education from Bucknell University. She is a certified psychologist and counselor with experience in public education.