Kathy Brooks

Kathy Brooks

Senior Client Partner


Kathy Brooks is a Senior Client Partner in the Advisory business for Korn Ferry, based in Toronto.

Ms. Brooks has worked with several major organizations in assisting in the coalescing of the general employee base behind key strategic initiatives. Recognizing the growing need for leaders to be effective implementers, she developed the theory of “The New Action Leader – Transitioning From Strategy to Action”, which was featured in an HRPAO webcast in March, 2004 and presented at an international conference on human resources strategies in Barcelona, in 2005.

Ms. Brooks has worked with numerous organizations to help them to develop “innovative” leaders, individuals capable of developing and leading organizations who’s competitive advantage is their ability to deliver leading edge innovations.

Ms. Brooks’ primary areas of expertise are executive coaching for personal development and career progression, strategy and innovation, executive team development, competency modelling, assessment and leadership development, and organizational transformation.

Ms. Brooks is a writer, speaker, and thought leader specializing in executive coaching, leadership development and organizational transformation. She currently lectures on Board Assessment and Selection at McMaster University’s Directors College. She is listed in the Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario’s publication “Women in the Lead” in recognition of her expertise in the fields of leadership and innovation. 

Ms. Brooks studied at the Universities of Guelph and Toronto with post-graduate business studies at York University and Smith College, in Massachusetts. She has studied negotiation and conflict resolution with Harvard Law School’s Negotiating Project Team. She is a certified coach, holding a certificate from CCF (Certified Coaches Federation). She is a Certified Master Trainer in Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking, through APTT (Advanced Practical Thinking Training.)