Kenichi Takano
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Kenichi Takano

President, Country Managing Director, Japan

Mr. Takano has consulted with a wide range of companies but has predominantly focused on Japanese major clients in diverse industries such as Electronics, Chemical, Life Science, Financial Institutions, Conglomerates.

He has experiences especially in business leader development, executive assessment, corporate governance, executive compensation, organization design and total HRM transformation.

He has also experiences in due diligence and post merger integration related to M&A of mega-banks, investment banks, pharmaceutical companies and conglomerates.

Mr. Takano has expertise in leadership transformation (development, assessment & coaching), corporate governance(governance structure & process, executive nomination, executive reward), total HRM transformation (design & implementation of grading and compensation & performance management programs).

He has management experience of consulting business for totally 14 years including new business development, and business turnaround.

He has also expertise in financial analysis, corporate code and economics.

Mr. Takano graduated from University of Chicago(MBA), London School of Economics(MSc. Economics), and Kobe University(BSc. Economics).

Mr. Takano was author of 7 books published in Japan and Korea as follows; Reading great books of charismatic leaders (2016), Super logical thinking (2015), Effective leadership (2010), Organization effectiveness (2005), 6 factors for excellent organizations (2001) and HRM for multi-business corporations (2000).