Marie-Agnès Pierre-Puységur
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Marie-Agnès Pierre-Puységur

Senior Client Partner

Marie-Agnes Pierre-Puysegur helps clients to transform their strategy into reality. She is specialized in cultural transformation.

Marie-Agnès works in different industries for large and mid cap companies, as for family owned business.

Her work mainly focuses on organizational and people dimensions in different transformational contexts such as new business model, turnaround, mergers, digital environment. Her consulting skills include culture and values, leadership and team effectiveness, decision making process and working habits, talent and performance management policies and systems.

She acts as a counselor and trusted advisor for C-suite and senior executives to leverage the full power of the combined dynamic of organization, teams and individuals.

In addition, Marie-Agnès is involved in many initiatives to support companies to transform themselves in the new digital environment. 

Marie-Agnès joined Korn Ferry in 2004. She has been the Leadership and Talent practice leader for EMEA, before taking successively in charge the transformation activity, and the business development coordination for France.

Prior to Korn Ferry Marie-Agnès worked as a researcher (CNRS) before moving to the Private sector in international compagnies (Consumer goods, and Financial Services) where she hold different roles as manager, HR, and transformation director. 

Marie-Agnès Pierre-Puysegur has a Ph.D. in Psychology (Rene Descartes _Paris V). She is trained to systemic approach (Françoise Kourilsky - Meta system coaching - Alain Cardon) and design thinking (Stragon)