Mia Hougaard Christiansen

Mia Hougaard Christiansen



Mia Hougaard Christiansen is a part of the EMEA Digital center of Expertise, covering all industry sectors for digital transformation. She is also part of the EMEA Consumer Markets. Mia is based in our Copenhagen office.

She brings over 15 years of experience, working at the intersection of digital and marketing across the software, hardware, fintech and consumer industries.

Ms. Christiansen has developed and implemented global change management/communication strategies across borders, structuring departments and setting up teams to focus and deliver according to new strategic agendas.

Ms. Christiansen is experienced in coaching and mentoring individuals at executive level and is a experienced facilitator.

A skilled advisor, who blends business objectives with technological opportunities, that way building centres of excellence teams in difference disciplines.

Her key focus is now on talent identification in a digital transformation context.

Ms. Christiansen’s previous roles includes global CMO for a leading global digital investment bank and global account responsible at the world’s leading advertising and marketing services company.

She is a multicultural worker and thinker, having spent 12 years living and working outside Denmark.

Ms. Christiansen holds a BA Hons in Marketing with Information Systems from University of Hertfordshire, UK. She is fluent in English and Danish.