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Nicky Kamalirang

Nicky Kamalirang



Mr. Nicky Kamalirang is a Principal at Korn Ferry Hay Group Indonesia.

Mr. Kamalirang has worked with Human Capital counterparts in various industry sectors including FMCG, Oil, Mining, Banking, and Insurance on various reward related projects.

He is specialized in job reward management, mergers & acquisitions, job analysis, and job evaluation. He is also well-equipped to provide the right Human Capital solutions by working closely with the human capital counterparts in various industries.

Prior to joining Korn Ferry Hay Group, Mr. Kamalirang dedicated 14 years of his career in the human capital function with Multi Bintang Indonesia (member of Heineken Group), Bentoel Group, and Rajawali Group. He is also one of board members of Plantation Human Capital Association (PHCA), Reward Division.

Mr. Kamalirang studied at Institut Bisnis Indonesia, majoring Business Administration and Politeknik ITB, majoring Application of Technology Informatics.