Norm Celotto

Norm Celotto

Senior Principal

New York

Mr. Celotto’s numerous clients represent a broad cross-section of the global Fortune-500, as well as a number of notable governmental and not-for-profit organizations. His work has included all sectors, including financial-services, manufacturing, health-care, bio-pharmaceutical, technology, retail, FMCG, fashion, hospitality, professional-services, transportation, food, communication, and entertainment.

Prior to working at Hay Group, Mr. Celotto held roles in internal consulting and management in consumer and commercial banking, technology, asset management, and higher education. His work included assignments in organizational effectiveness, management and employee development and training, and all aspects of Human Resource management. Mr. Celotto has held management roles at the Corporate Director level, as an executive team member. 

Mr. Celotto’s current focus is on Enterprise Transformation and Effectiveness, including developing talent strategies that make enterprise visions a reality. His special interest is in working with clients to create and manage their social capital. His intent is to help clients join the few organizations that excel at capturing the value created between their people. This allow them to realize their visions for “one-company” – where their culture is the underpinning for matrix success, strategic knowledge-management, innovation, diversity & inclusion, cross-company collaboration, and talent development.

His areas of expertise include executive team development, executive and management coaching, performance management, manager and employee development, strategy deployment and organization design, and team effectiveness.

Mr. Celotto is a graduate of Canisius College, and has a Masters in Organizational Communication from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He is a US Navy Veteran