Peng Fu

Peng Fu


Mr. Fu is known for his excellent interpersonal interaction and high-impact delivery. He conducts in-depth assessment of C-Suite executives and executive coaching engagements.

Prior to joining the Firm, he was a Consultant Partner for PDI Ninth House. His professional history includes independent management consulting, dean’s research lead, California School of Organizational Studies, and executive facilitator, Goodwill Industries International. 

Mr. Fu has extensive experience in leadership assessment and development. He works with clients in China, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East across a wide array of industries and management levels, including global Fortune 500 organizations, Chinese state-owned companies, and private enterprises.

He takes a tailored, personal approach to leverage change that will have the greatest impact on individual and organizational success in the shortest amount of time. 

Mr. Fu earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology from the California State University, and a master’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology from the California School of Organizational Studies. She is a member of the Academy of Management and the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. As a Chinese-American, he is fluent in English and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese).