Peter Everaert

Peter Everaert

Managing Director Innovations

San Francisco

Peter Everaert works with boards, executives, and governments on staying ahead of change.

He designs discovery workshops and programs to explore unknowns, validate strategies, and create partnerships to accelerate innovation. He brings leaders from around the world together to develop next practices, manage disruption and prolong the expiration date of talent.

Peter has 25 years of professional experience in organizational and leadership development, executive recruitment and change management. In the late 80s, he developed computer assisted expert systems to predict human behavior in critical circumstances. In 1994, he founded Mindset, which provided an alignment model for cultural transformation.

Peter has lived in Europe and Asia. He speaks English, French and Dutch. He is now based in Silicon Valley and works across the globe. He holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Organizational Behavior and an additional qualification in Information Technology. 

He is author and co-author of the Definition of Sustainable Leadership and Smart Growth. He is Korn Ferry’s representative to the B20/G20 Employment and SME task forces where he advocates the development of entrepreneurial skills as a precursor to economic growth.