Korn Ferry
Que Rabolele

Que Rabolele

Country Products Leader, Sub-Saharan Africa


Que Rabolele is a Country Products Leader in the products group at Korn Ferry’s Hay Group based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Mr Rabolele has been responsible for a variety of strategic pay, talent and organisational insights solutions spanning a diverse range of clients across the Africa region.

He assists clients with their human resource planning by providing them with market-related information obtained through ad hoc, general, industry and bespoke studies and surveys, through the analysis of market information, current issues and trends are brought to the attention of clients.

He further works with clients in align their business strategy with their most valued assets, their people.  

Mr Rabolele’s expertise lies in the area of business development & account management ensuring that client “input data” leads to effective and strategic Hay Group “throughput” and “output”, which provides tangible results across a broad spectrum of industries and geographies.

He has extensive experience in helping organisations and their people realise their full potential through design and implementation of effective reward strategies to improve levels of performance, and the motivation and delivery through our powerful tools, including compensation & benefits surveys, engaged performance, and assessment for recruitment and development.

Mr Rabolele has partnered with clients in both the public and private sectors in the African region from a range of sectors including Financial Services, Oil & Gas, FMCG & ICT.

Mr Rabolele holds a Baccalaureus Commercii in Investment Management from the University of Pretoria, CFA accredited. He has also completed various trainings in business development and client service.