Sonja Brouwers

Sonja Brouwers



Sonja Brouwers is a Principal located in Korn Ferry’s Brussels office.

Ms. Brouwers combines expertise and business understanding and builds on relationships based upon content, confidence and trust. 

Ms. Brouwers has in-depth insights in the concept of “employee engagement”, built through experience with in-company surveys as well as through joint research with the Antwerp Management School.

Since well designed reward strategies can only be successful when supported by line managers, Ms. Brouwers is also a trusted partner in the training and coaching of line managers in motivating dialogues and feedback reviews with their team members.

Ms. Brouwers regularly acts as a guest speaker on seminars and trainings for Korn Ferry and its business partners e.g. The Shift, CSR Europe, AmCham, Antwerp Management School. 

Prior to her consultant’s career, Ms. Brouwers was a scientific researcher at the Vlerick School of Management, Ghent University and Antwerp University.

She has a Masters degree in Applied Economics of Antwerp University.

Ms. Brouwers is fluent in Dutch, French and English and has fair knowledge of German.