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Varun Khosla

Varun Khosla



Varun Khosla is a Principal for Korn Ferry Hay Group, based in the firm’s Dubai office.

Mr. Khosla worked with clients to design a Total Reward structure, including an annual bonus and long-term incentive plan for a major power/utility company. He also led the incentive design and fixed pay structure design for an asset and investment management company.

Mr. Khosla designed a reward structure, including an incentive plan for an investment company and led the executive reward structure design for a major port-authority in the Middle East. He was an advisor to the management of a US listed Heavy Engineering company on reward strategy and long-term and short-term incentive design. 

Mr. Khosla assisted clients around pay governance, rewards philosophy and strategy, and pay structuring.

Mr. Khosla has over twelve years of consulting experience in broad-based and executive rewards. His experience spreads across the Middle East, the US, and India.

Before joining Hay Group Mr. Khosla worked as an executive compensation consultant for Aon Hewitt in Chicago, USA. He has worked with clients on a broad range of executive compensation matters that include executive and board of directors compensation benchmarking, corporate governance, compensation strategy and pay philosophies, long-term and short-term incentive design, and peer group design.

Mr. Khosla has a bachelor’s of arts in commerce from Delhi University and an master’s of arts in international human resource management from the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Khosla is also a Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) and a member of World at Work Society of Certified Professionals.