Senior Client Partner, Global Sales and Service Practice

Mr. Grimshaw is a member of the Global Sales and Service Practice and leads the integration of the new consultancy and IP assets that come to Korn Ferry as a result of the Miller Heiman Group acquisition.

Mr. Grimshaw has over 20 years of experience in working with organizations of all sizes and across industries to support their Sales and Service Transformation; ensuring that his team delivers impactful insights and lasting behavioral change. He has advised companies on their Market and Sales Strategy, working to align their Talent, Organization, Coverage and Compensation. His deep leadership experience includes delivering training and learning interventions that drive measurable results for the investment organizations make in development.

Prior to joining Korn Ferry, Mr. Grimshaw was part of the Executive Leadership Team at Miller Heiman Group - as COO he was responsible for restructuring the Marketing, Product and Research functions; and was then the architect and founder of the Global Consultancy Practice. He also has held leadership roles in Cable & Wireless, Hitachi and Hewlett Packard for 20 years; before moving to McKinsey & Company to lead the Solutions Office in London.

Mr. Grimshaw holds an BA in Business and Quantitate Business Analysis with Honors from Thames Valley University (London) and is a member of Chartered Institute of Marketing.