Change Management

Making change happen with a human-centered approach

Change should happen with your people, not to them

Traditional change management won’t cut it. As the world changes, nobody has time for heavy processes, lengthy timelines and clunky rollouts. Change must happen fast, and it must be inclusive. Change is no longer only led from the top but is initiated at every level of the organization. Today, all employees have a voice.

That’s how we approach change: with focus, speed and in partnership with your people – all with the goal of accelerating adoption. After all, the organizations that can adapt the fastest are the ones that will survive.

Applying Agile and other methodologies, we take a “test and learn” approach that is nimble and cost-effective. We use quick experiments designed around the needs of those impacted by change to validate our solutions and partner with you to scale only what works.

We’re here, whether you’re changing one thing, or hundreds. Perhaps you have a new tech solution you need a certain team to adopt. Or you’re managing a complicated, company-wide change program that calls for everybody’s buy-in. Either way, we’re on hand to shift people’s beliefs and behaviors and make sure your hard work sticks.

How we help you

We work quickly, while always keeping your people in mind. Our human-centered design guides every step of our process. We are committed to putting people first and, together with our clients, we relentlessly ask ourselves these three questions:

  • Why are we doing this and why should our people care?
  • How will this change feel to the person going through it?
  • What can we do to build trust through transparency, communication and co-creation?

Here are some of the ways we can help you enable change.

Understanding your change needs

We draw on a range of assessments to understand how best to deliver change within your organization:

  • Change Management Maturity Assessment​
  • Change Impact Assessment​
  • Top Team Performance Assessment​
  • Organizational Culture Assessment​
  • Organizational Networking Analysis​
  • Training Needs Assessment​

Making transformation happen

We know all the levers to pull to help your change run right. That might include:

  • Change strategy and planning​
  • Change governance​
  • Change capability development​
  • Change toolkits and methods ​
  • Employee behavior change ​
  • Change communications and internal campaigns​
  • Change tracking and measures ​

Building your change capability

We don’t just do it for you; we also build your change muscles along the way. For example, we might run our:

  • Leading Change Accelerator ​
  • Managing Change Workshop ​
  • Change Management Simulation​
  • Leading Virtually Accelerator ​
  • Activating Personal Agility Accelerator ​
  • Coaching Accelerator ​

Let us be part of your success story

Contact us and see how our consulting services can help you achieve your business goals.