Career & Work Architecture

Build a career framework that’s better for business

Do you have the right career and work architecture for a changing world?

To stay ahead of the competition, you need to be ready for tomorrow’s world of work — before you know what it looks like. And to attract and keep the best talent, you want to be known as a great place to start or grow a career.

You don’t get there by accident. You need a framework. One that means you’ll always have the right people, doing the right jobs and getting the right rewards. A work architecture that ties all the data about jobs, people and capabilities together—built with an eye on the future. So whatever changes come next, you’ll be the first to adapt–with a team that’s ready to rise to the challenge.  

How we help you

More organizations use our work measurement methodology than any other. With Korn Ferry Architect, we help you design new jobs and help you understand how they fit in with the ones you already have. And you can use that job structure to keep getting the best out of your people. Here’s how:

We design a career and work architecture for your business

How is work delivered today in your organization? How will you need to transform in the future? We lay it all out in a structure that works for the long term and tailor it to you.

We clearly define and measure jobs at every level

To do that, we measure jobs—by size and shape, accountability, problem-solving and know-how. We link those jobs to the competencies, skills and personal characteristics your people need, so you can match the right talent with the right roles and identify the real value of work—so you know you’re paying what you should be.

We help you reward people fairly for the jobs they do

Define grade structures and unearth unconscious biases that might mean you’re not paying fairly. We categorize jobs using proven, bias-free criteria so you’re offering equal pay for work of equal value and use diversity and inclusion as a competitive advantage by highlighting your fair pay practices.

We develop people in their careers

Build a career framework that communicates how work value is created, and identify what employees need to do to advance their careers. When your people know the skills, competencies and experiences they need to progress, it’s easier to set goals that help them get there.

At Korn Ferry, we speak people. We translate your business objectives into talent and workforce demands, anticipating what it will take to execute your business and people strategy.

Job analysis & design

We help you allocate accountability at the job level so work gets done efficiently and effectively.

Job evaluation

We measure your jobs using our Guide Chart—Profile Method® of job evaluation, the world’s leading foundation for determining appropriate levels for each role.

Job architecture

We organize your work into levels and families to create a core infrastructure specific to your organization’s work and culture for pay grades, promotions, and mobility.

Grade structure design

We build job grade structures that reflect an organization’s unique structure, culture, and pattern of job evaluations.

Succession planning

We measure succession risk by comparing the nature and degree of stretch across leadership roles, taking into account progressive role demands and the leadership capabilities required.

Career frameworks

We engage and enable talent by designing nonlinear career paths that accelerate development through experiences anchored in work. We build job family models that are flexible and easy to apply, reduce the need for individual job descriptions, and provide a platform for talent management and career planning.

Job family modeling

We help you deign and build custom approaches to measuring work in job families that make sense for your business, linking your work to your talent and clearly communicating expectations and careers.


We level jobs into salary ranges and help you optimize pay costs based on the measured value of work.

Equal pay for equal work

We put in place robust methods for measuring jobs that ensure organizations pay every individual fairly and equally for the work that they do.

Organization design

We determine whether organizations have the right number of roles in the right places at the right level of work and whether there are gaps or redundancies in the design of organizations. We help you manage headcount so that you can optimize your people costs.

Role-based assessment

We anchor assessments in the context of the role, mapping competencies, skills and talent profiles that determine success, so that organizations get the best fit between the talents of individuals and the work to be accomplished.

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