Executive Search

Find the next great leader to take your organization to the top

You don’t get a second shot at great leadership - get it right with our executive search.

The pressure is on when finding your executive team—the one that takes you on to bigger and better things and doesn’t leave you struggling to catch up.

For more than 25 years, our executive search recruiters have been the first choice for companies looking to find C-level executives that are a perfect fit. Our executive search services deliver unmatched results using our market-leading assessment solutions. We help you determine which candidates are the ideal skill set and mindset for your company’s culture and build the framework for compensation and retention that attracts the right leaders. In fact, candidates hired using our assessments are eight times more likely to be promoted within three years.

How we help you

We help you find leaders who fit your culture and advise you on the rewards that will encourage them to stick with you. Our executive search recruiters have experience around the world, in industries like finance, life sciences, consumer, healthcare, technology and beyond. Here’s how we can help.

If the right leaders aren’t already in your business, we look externally

We use our vast database of executives and large network of Korn Ferry relationships to find candidates. We then put candidates through a blind screen to reduce unconscious bias and find the best people for the job.

Our Success Profiles show you what good looks like

We show you both the skillset and the mindset that your candidates need to make the cut, so you can pick from the best in the market.

We advise you on competitive pay and rewards packages

Our Executive Snapshot process embeds job grade, description and salary benchmarking into your executive searches.

We help you expand into new markets and locations

Our consultants have on-the-ground recruitment experience in 130 countries, and use a range of job sites and industry databases. So no matter what your industry or business function, we can help you shape your new leadership team.