Total Rewards

A great total rewards program is better for business and your employees

Total rewards need to be part of your business and people strategy.

Total rewards are much more than base salary and incentives. They include everything of value that the organization provides its employees, and is an integral part of your business and people strategy.

The best designed total rewards program attracts, motivates and keeps the right talent—from entry level to the C-suite. It shapes your culture and your reputation. And it balances the needs of the business with what people actually want.

It sounds straightforward—but business environments are shifting. Economies are volatile. What people need and want from their work is changing. Career paths are more dynamic than ever and new jobs and roles are constantly emerging.

We have the compensation and benefits data to make sure you’re always paying fair—no matter the job, industry or location. More than that, we have comprehensive rewards benchmarking backed by expertise, so you’re not wasting your resource budget on the wrong rewards. Instead, you’ll offer people total rewards (financial and non-financial) that engage and motivate them to go above and beyond—better for both them and for your business.

How we can help

Our clients use our trusted job evaluation methodology to evaluate the size of their roles and to support the design of new ones, if needed, by building everything from job documentation, job family descriptors and complete career paths. We’re by your side for the whole talent journey, giving you a full view of what you’re spending and what value you’re getting back — a complete picture that’s hard to find anywhere else. Our comprehensive global reward databases provide clients with the most relevant and timely information available to ensure that clients are aligning their reward levels to appropriate external markets.

Attract, motivate and retain talent with the right compensation and benefits strategy

  • Ensure leaders are aligned on the go-forward total rewards strategy
  • Create a strategy that optimizes what your organization needs relative to what your employees want
  • Establish a strategy that informs the most effective workforce structures, manages costs and makes sure you’re getting pay right for all of your employees
  • Ensure that your benefits programs reflect the intent of your organization
  • Help your people understand the value of their roles and the rewards they receive

Make sure your total rewards systems are internally fair and externally competitive

When you’re paying fairly, both internally and externally, it makes people more productive and they have greater trust in your leadership—making your teams more engaged, reducing turnover. Drawing on our market-leading work measurement methodology, our knowledge of engaging reward program design, and knowledge of local, national and global regulations, we help you:

  • Build total rewards programs for today’s changing workforce that values transparency and equality
  • Ensure your rewards programs are competitive with relevant external compensation markets
  • Investigate potential pay gaps across employee groups
  • Design compensation strategies that offer sustained pay equity over the long term
  • Confirm that you're truly paying for performance and encouraging your teams to help your organization grow

Align your total rewards programs with your business and people strategy

  • Create short term and long term variable pay plans that link pay to your organization’s priorities and performance
  • Use a mix of total rewards tied to your business and people goals—including both financial and non-financial rewards
  • Scale your approach so you can adjust programs depending on your business performance and current market conditions
  • Ensure that your programs are effectively communicated and that change is effectively managed

Let us be part of your success story

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