Mastering the art and science of sales to accelerate revenue growth

Customers are changing. Are your sales executives adapting organizations fast enough?

Buyers are getting better at buying faster than sellers are getting better at selling. But many sales organizations have yet to recognize the widening gap between buyers and sellers. For years, sales organizations have hit its revenue goals, even though win and conversion rates have remained flat. But these numbers hide the truth: sellers tried-and-true sales techniques are falling short of buyer expectations—and that shortcoming reinforces the buyers’ decision to engage sellers later in the buying process.

Today, sales leaders need to adapt its sales organization to the changing times. They need sales teams to build connections with prospective buyers in a different way: by offering perspectives and insights. They need sales team to learn how to sell in a digital environment. And they need a sales methodology that underpins it all, along with learning, coaching and reinforcement from its sales managers and its CRM. They need Korn Ferry.

We know that sales transformation starts with your people. We help you find the best executive talent for your sales organization and ensure that the executive knows how to close the gap between its team’s performance and its team’s potential. Then we help your new sales leader design an inclusive sales organization ready for the challenges ahead: one with the right leadership, process, incentives, skills and talent to keep up with any demands that your customers make.

How we can help

The right sales executives and leaders in the right roles


To accelerate revenue growth, you need to have the right sales executives and sales leaders in the right roles, with the right skillset and mindset. But that’s not all. Executives must incentivize and support their sales teams in the right way to deliver. We work with your sales executives to improve your sales performance by identifying and closing the Potential Gap—the difference between where your sales teams are and where they need to be.

Hiring the right sales executives to help your team reach their potential

To succeed, your organization needs to not only hire the right sales executives but also maximize your sales team’s potential. But this isn’t an easy task; because each seller is different, you need an individual approach to their development. We work with you to help identify the right executive to hire to release your sales team’s full potential. We help you:

  • Assess your sales executives against our Success Profiles to uncover potential gaps in mindset and skillset
  • Deliver executive leadership development tailored to the executive and their needs

Identifying the future leaders of your sales organization

In the past, organizations typically promoted their best sellers to sales managers and other leadership positions. But today, organizations are starting to realize that many other skills besides making quotas are essential to effective sales management. Sales managers need a range of competencies, including soft skills, that are in short supply. We work with you to:

  • Assess and benchmark your leadership, based on their skillset and mindset, against high-performing sales leader Success Profiles
  • Deliver leadership programs that address high potentials’ identified skill gaps
  • Provide tools to coach the expected leadership behaviors and operationalize better results with sales teams

Building your ideal sales organization structure

To succeed, a salesforce must be supported by the right organizational structure. Many organizations struggle to identify the best structure: one that balances collaboration, efficiency, cost sensitivities and customer needs while focusing on sustainable, profitable growth. Operating under the wrong structure can create internal conflict and hurt productivity. Our consultants work with you to:

  • Assess your sales channels and territories to ensure alignment with your business objectives as well as your market segments, accounts and growth opportunities
  • Ensure you have the right sales roles and organizational structure to meet your goals
  • Optimize your sales processes, resource requirements and reporting relationships

Improving seller enablement and engagement

Salespeople can’t operate as an island: they need support on many levels. Regular training, periodic coaching and just-in-time reinforcement give sellers the support they need to hit their sales targets consistently. Our consultants work with sales organizations to meet your sellers where they are, offering the support they need for growth and engagement. We show you how to:

  • Set the right performance targets and metrics to drive seller engagement
  • Evaluate your current sales enablement programs and processes, then adjust them to reinforce your business objectives
  • Align incentive compensation and rewards and recognition processes to drive employee engagement

Our experts

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