Job Architecture

Do you have the right work and career architecture for a changing world?

The world of work is changing – both what we do and how we do it. To stay competitive, organizations need to be agile and able to pivot at speed.  In this constantly changing environment the ability to understand, calibrate and align work with talent has never been more important.

To succeed, you need to start with the right organizing framework - a work and career architecture that ties all the data about jobs, people and capabilities together into a common enterprise framework.

Drawing on our proprietary work measurement methodology – the most widely used in the world, we help you design a work and career architecture that is specific to your organization’s needs and aligned to your business strategy so that you can make sense of jobs today and tomorrow.

Through our fully integrated digital platform Korn Ferry Architect you can now design jobs and calibrate capabilities simultaneously, dramatically accelerating leveling and alignment of new jobs as they emerge in the business.


We design, analyze, and measure work to optimize jobs and get the right people in the right roles, improving organizational effectiveness. We bring the insight we gain through work measurement to help clients understand, calibrate, and organize work — creating linkages to talent that help people work differently.

Here’s how we can help you:

Design a career architecture for your business

  • We align our career architecture to your workforce transformation by defining changing job requirements and determining if your talent pool has the skills required for the future of your work

Clearly define jobs with a manageable level of accountability and authority

  • Measure jobs by size and shape, focusing on the job’s accountability, problem-solving and know-how, with an attainable range of capabilities
  • Link job content to the competencies and skills required to deliver, so you can match the right people with the right roles
  • Identify the real value of work, ensuring you have the appropriate allocated talent and are paying your talent the right amount.

Reward people fairly for the jobs they do

  • Level jobs into salary ranges and help optimize pay costs based on the measured value of work
  • Unearth unconscious biases that may lead to pay inequities
  • Categorize jobs using proven, bias-free criteria to ensure equal pay for work of equal value
  • Use your fair pay practices to build engagement and optimize organizational effectiveness by using diversity and inclusion as a competitive advantage

Develop people in their careers

  • Build a career framework that communicates how work value is created, organize the work into logical “streams,” and identify what employees need to do to advance their careers
  • Motivate employees to advance by establishing levels in each work stream, each of which features its own set of required core skills, competencies and experiences
  • Analyze, understand, and measure a logical grouping of roles within an organization and the ways that work changes at each level, enabling employees to see what is required to advance from one level of a job family to the next




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