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Korn Ferry

Korn Ferry helps you address the critical human and

cultural integration issues that arise during change.

Culture Transformation

Mergers and acquisitions, consolidations, reorganization, partnerships, new initiatives, and supply chain changes all necessitate cultural transformation. Korn Ferry helps you address the critical human and cultural integration issues that arise during change. These issues can either advance or hinder your company’s ability to transverse new frontiers. We help you identify cultural aspects that need to be retained and those that need to evolve or be adopted, in order for your culture to expand and become greater than it has ever been.

Solving the talent equation of key business challenges.

We offer a comprehensive suite of cultural integration consulting, coaching, and facilitation services designed to meet your organization’s needs as you transform and expand your business.

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Joint ventures
  • New site development
  • Global sourcing/manufacturing/quality
  • Consolidation and reorganization
  • Global projects

Our unique approach to these inherent challenges is to create a “third culture” that represents the best attributes of all legacy cultures and operations, while being fully inclusive of all talent. This third way—planned, communicated, and actively managed—preserves and enhances your organizational capacity for collaboration, innovation, and productivity gains that drive business results.

Solutions tailored to your needs.


In order to arrive at the best solution to meet your strategies, we begin with an in-depth look at three key areas:

  • Business Strategy.
    We identify the key initiatives you are pursuing to drive top-line growth and cost optimization.
  • Map of Human Movement.
    We identify where human interaction will take place, including across borders, in support of these work streams.
  • Assessment.
    We inventory assets in terms of people, processes, and systems and identify critical gaps that can derail successful execution of global strategy.

From here, we provide an executive summary of strengths, concerns, and priorities that we recommend be addressed in order to better ensure your strategy’s success.


One-on-one coaching of key business executives has proven to have the longest lasting impact on results. We address your executives’ specific needs and requirements, make it highly relevant, and deliver real-time impact on daily tasks/outcomes.

Korn Ferry coaches use the gap analysis from the assessment phase plus customized cultural interaction scenarios as a baseline. This enables executives to be most effective in executing critical work streams.

  • Past scenario coaching.
    We look back and revisit scenes and situations working with multinational teams, negotiating, gathering due-diligence, etc.
  • Present scenario coaching.
    We analyze current projects and make critical course adjustments.
  • Future scenario coaching.
    We look ahead to business trips, virtual multinational team meetings, or crisis management situations, and develop globally competent strategies.

Our goal is to prepare executives to be effective global leaders, with finely honed decision-making skills that will enable them to exceed key performance metrics.


When individuals and teams assemble for strategic work-outs, we facilitate the complex dynamics of a project team. Whether it is for:

  • Post-merger integrations
  • Joint venture planning
  • All-hands meetings
  • Virtual team meetings

We employ our tools and techniques to:

  • Conduct diagnostic interviews with a cross-sample of key individuals to develop a "current-state" summary of strengths, values, culture, concerns, and priorities.
  • Develop project plans in conjunction with the group, or move forward on key metrics.
  • Facilitate executive sessions, two to five days in length, focused on multinational teambuilding, strategic work-outs, or scenario planning sessions.
  • Provide ongoing coaching to key individuals where significant change is required to meet aggressive results in complex, cross-border initiatives.
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