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Align your culture to your strategy and

drive superior performance.

Culture Transformation

Culture is a set of shared values, beliefs, and norms that can be observed through practices, and behaviors. It’s the human ‘glue’ that makes a company unique. If your culture is aligned to strategy it is a critical source of competitive advantage.

Mergers and acquisitions, reorganization, global expansion, new market penetration or new initiatives such as becoming more customer centric or more innovative, all necessitate cultural transformation.

Working with Korn Ferry Hay Group

Korn Ferry Hay Group work with leaders to help align culture to support strategic change. We preserve those aspects of the culture that made the company strong and at the same time alter any habits that are getting in the way of implementing the strategy.

Drawing on more than 70 years of research and experience, we can support you to:

  • Assess. Measure the current culture and define the future culture you need to support your strategy.
  • Analyze. Understand the gap between the current and the desired culture.
  • Align. Implement specific changes to realign the organization’s culture to its strategy including:
    • Building the desire to change through one shared story.
    • Supporting people in making the personal change.
    • Building new competency frameworks and leadership models.
    • Changing the organization’s systems, structures and people practices to reinforce the new culture and sustain the change.

We work at an individual, team and organization level. Because we understand at a very deep level why people think and act the way they do we are able to support you to drive real behavior change. So, you can be confident that change will stick.

We drive culture change at an organization, team, and individual level.

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