Technical Requirements for Participant Computers: Korn Ferry Four Dimensional Executive Assessment (KF4D) - Knowledge Base

effective date: 18 June 2016

Desktop Minimum Requirements - Hardware

  • Processor:
    Windows:1.4 GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 or higher (or equivalent)
    Mac OS: 1.83 GHz Intel® CoreDuo or higher
  • Network Connection: An active internet connection is required at all times.

Desktop Minimum Requirements - Software

  • Operating System:
    Windows® version  7 or above
    Mac OS X version 10.10 or above
    iOS version 9 or above
  • Web Browser:
    Windows: Microsoft Internet Explorer (minimum version: 11); Firefox (minimum version: 52); Chrome (minimum version: 58)
    Mac OS: Safari (minimum version: 8); Firefox (minimum version 52); Chrome (minimum version: 58)
    iOS: Safari (minimum version: 9)

 Network Requirements - Email filters

To guarantee that email invitations and reminders to participants are not caught in your spam/junk email  filters, it may be necessary to whitelist the following address: via

In addition: all our emails delivered via AWS now contain a DKIM signature. Filter whitelisted email to only deliver those containing a DKIM signature of: This will ensure that the email is actually from Korn Ferry.

 Network Requirements - Firewall and security

For this offering to function correctly, the following requirements must be met:

Communication across the following port must be allowed: HTTPS (Port 443)
Network traffic to and from the following site must be allowed:

Depending on your network configuration, it may be necessary to create proxy exceptions or whitelist entries to ensure that the above requirements are met.

NOTE: For all desktop browsers, JavaScript and cookies must be enabled.