There has never been a more dynamic time in the automotive industry. Autonomous driving, connected vehicle technologies, ride sharing and new mobility services, active safety technologies, electric vehicles coming down in price and extending their range, while hybrids/diesel/IC engines reach new levels of efficiency. People don’t talk about the Big 3 anymore or the German and J-OEMs. It’s now Google, Apple, Intel, Uber and others. Tech and Automotive are experiencing a head-on collision. Yet, no one is confident of how and when these technologies will evolve to commercial reality and consumer acceptance. In the meantime, most companies in the industry continue to make most of their profits from trucks/SUVs and cross-overs which are powered by hybrid/diesel/IC engine technologies. And few companies have the human capital they need for the future. Over the next 3-5 years, a high percentage of automotive leaders will be retiring and this pool of lost knowledge and experience will have enormous impact. There is inadequate bench-strength to backfill these critical roles.

Korn Ferry’s global automotive team knows the industry: from the automakers to the supply-base to the aftermarket. We work with some of the largest multi-nationals in the world, as well as start-ups and private-equity investors. Korn Ferry has helped build Boards and have recruited some of the most successful CEOs in the industry. We’ve built the leadership team for a new OE-plant in Mexico and recruited the technical talent for a new R&D center in India. Korn Ferry has also helped the relocation of company/brand HQs, while working closely with companies who are going through an important cultural transformation. Our full range of talent solutions include: strategic search services; competency-based assessments; interactive high-potential leadership development programs; one-on-one coaching; M&A leadership diagnostics; strategic talent design; succession planning; diversity and inclusion, and rewards and benefits.




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