Tools and Reporting

Analyzing your pay data

Our intuitive tools make pay data analysis simple and fast, enabling you to drill down deeper than ever before and gain comprehensive insights into your pay and reward programs.

Through Korn Ferry Pay, you and your team can quickly generate reports and insights that lead to impactful business decisions around pay. This includes benchmarking your program against the market and direct competitors, and evaluating internal equity across job functions.

Perform analyses to create competitive salaries

Our interactive pay tools provide detailed analyses of your pay programs, focusing on key areas that make them successful. You can use interactive pay data reporting to:

  • Slice and dice your pay data in real time through the online dashboard.
  • Run salary benchmarking reports to see how your salary programs compare to the market.
  • Perform “what if?” analysis on how changes to your pay practices would affect your competitiveness.

Drill deeper

Our interactive salary reporting tools have the power to go deep into the data to show you how your pay program compares to competitors. When conducting a competitive salary analysis, you can create peer groups to benchmark your reward programs against specific competitors. Or use internal equity analysis to ensure your people are being fairly across the board.

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