Life moves fast.
So do perfect candidates.

Using our talent acquisition platform for small to medium businesses will give you high-quality candidates, faster.

Korn Ferry Direct

Hire faster, smarter, better.

Introducing the all-in-one recruiting platform for small to medium sized businesses.

Need great talent to power your business but lack the time, budget, and resources of a major organization? Korn Ferry Direct is an intelligent recruiting platform that puts the power of a full human resources department at your fingertips, allowing you to compete with enterprise-level companies for top candidates.

From discovering the best candidates to making informed salary decisions, interviewing, and generating an offer letter, Korn Ferry Direct’s innovative technology lets you reclaim your workday by automating the entire recruitment process.

How it works.

automate hiring and recruiting

Turbocharge Hiring & Recruiting

Generate best-in-class job descriptions, pay data, assessments, interview guides, interview scheduling and offer letters.

One-Click Sourcing

We have decades of experience identifying candidates who are the right fit. Our proprietary algorithms identify and select the best candidates for your business, even if they’re not actively in the market.

intelligent candidate sourcing tools
candidate assessments

Pre-Hire Assessment Tools

Using assessment data from more than 20 million professionals, Korn Ferry has defined the qualities necessary for success in any given role. Our world-class assessments compare candidates against the competencies, experiences, traits and drivers needed to excel.

Accurate Salary Data

With the world’s most comprehensive pay database, we help you choose the right salary every time. We collect all the data from our own clients – and sift it to ensure maximum accuracy.

intelligent candidate sourcing tools
candidate assessments


Legislation changes fast. Stay ahead of the curve and rest easy knowing every aspect of your hiring process is best-in-class and meets recruitment compliance.

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Korn Ferry Direct
Small to Medium Companies


  • Talent profile library
  • AI sourced passive candidates
  • Manage active candidates
  • Assessments (linked to talent profiles)
  • Automated interviewing scheduling
  • Interview Guide (associated with talent profiles)
  • Compensation data
  • Offer letter

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