How recruitment tech can turn you into a strategic partner


Contributor: Vinod Mohan

New technologies are changing recruitment at every step of the process. It’s hard not to be impressed by the features and tools offered by the newest hiring platforms and Applicant Tracking Systems – not least the sophistication of AI sourcing tools.

The role of the recruiter is fundamentally changing too. Recruiters can move away from the tactical demands of sourcing and selecting – to put a greater focus on what the business needs strategically.

At the same time, business leads are looking to talent acquisition for more impact – from workplace planning to managing the EVP. This means embracing technology as more than a fad. You can’t just introduce a cleverly branded chatbot then sit back and expect the board to admire your digital smarts.

The data that technology provides is the most powerful tool at your disposal. By mining your data for insights, you can use it to elevate conversations and the relationships between talent acquisition and the business.

To make the full impact you can, recruiters need a clear vision of what technology can offer to the business as a whole.

  • Know what the business needs: 53% of recruiters said they have too much data and don’t know what to do with it. Avoid data overload by understanding and anticipating what the business needs and collecting data for a purpose and then drawing relevant insights.
  • Integrate: While technology touches each step of the recruitment process, its long-term value lies in a more holistic approach. For example, data collected in assessments can be used to inform development plans for new employees from day one.
  • Elevate the candidate experience: As businesses increasingly see candidates as part of their broader customer experience offering, technology will play a critical role in creating an exceptional candidate experience throughout the recruitment process and beyond it to maintain an engaged talent network.