Why successful recruiters take a holistic view of recruitment tech


Contributor: VInod Mohan

Over the last decade, recruitment technologies have proved a gamechanger for recruiters. The latest generation of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are now taking the possibilities to a whole new level.

Undoubtedly, your business can gain a competitive advantage from adopting the latest tech tools. But, the number and variety of tech tools emerging in the market can make it difficult to know where to start.

This is why it’s so important to take a holistic view of the recruitment process– and identify how tech can assist at every step along the way, from the first discussion with the hiring manager through to onboarding the successful candidate.

True tech support through the six stages of the recruitment process

impacting the recruitment process

Plan: Sourcing information has never been easier and the rich data available means that even at the earliest conversations, hiring managers can be informed by a specific view on what good looks like and the market realities for a particular role.

Search: Previously the stock-in-trade of the recruiter, AI tools have upped the ante on what it means to really mine your network. Good AI tools can augment job descriptions with specific success factors and indicators to evaluate willingness to move. The result is a supercharged set of search criteria to immediately zoom in on the best candidates, meaning recruiters and managers are spending their time on the right candidates from day one while elevating candidate care at the same time.

Engage: Korn Ferry research shows that organizational culture is top priority for candidates and savvy businesses are using tech to provide a glimpse into just what it would feel like to work in their organization. Tech-driven campaigns like Heineken’s ‘Go Places’ offer candidates the opportunity to engage with the brand and make a judgment on culture fit. They also use chatbots to keep the candidates up-to-date and informed throughout the process.

Select: Tech also offers new opportunities to engage candidates in the organization’s brand throughout the select phase. Gamification of assessments creates another chance to offer candidates insight into the brand and perhaps even a little fun, through ‘recruitainment’. Video interviewing is also evolving into an essential tool to help allay the interviewing bottleneck, while gathering data on tone, keywords and body language free from recruiter bias.

Hire: Relying on data gathered throughout the process to make robust hiring (including remuneration) decisions helps to reduce bias and ensure the best candidate is selected and paid on an equitable basis.

Onboard: During the critical first 90 days, tech can offer new recruits an all-knowing buddy and mentor who is available any time of the day. Apps can provide practical details on everything from colleagues information to where to find the best coffee. They can also help reduce the time to impact by helping new employees plan introduction meetings and provide on-the-job development from day one, drawing on data from the recruitment process.