Navigate all your hiring challenges in one place.

Korn Ferry Recruit

KF Recruit combines billions of data points spanning actual hires, assessments, compensation, supply and demand, and market insights from over 100 countries into an expert sourcing and talent acquisition tool.

Korn Ferry Recruit

Have a look at how KF Recruit uses billions of data points combined with machine learning to make sourcing candidates easier, as well as automating your entire talent acquisition process. KF Recruit handles complex tasks at a click, from carrying out market analysis to measuring candidates’ readiness to move.

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Make more informed hiring decisions

Bring added rigor to your hiring process. KF Recruit enables you to make data-driven decisions about sourcing strategies, job descriptions, salary levels and candidate fit. Built on data we have gathered on more than 20 million professionals, our success profiles use information on behaviors, experiences, competencies, responsibilities and job characteristics to define what great looks like in any role. Our assessments draw on a vast database of previous results to help you identify the ideal candidate every time.

make more informed hiring decisions
find everything you need in one place

Find everything you need in one place

We’ve consolidated pay data, job descriptions, candidate fit, and other success criteria for thousands of roles into one system. KF Recruit makes all this information available with a single click, and then applies it to sourcing and hiring the best candidate, every time.

Get better outcomes at lower cost

Don’t waste valuable time and budget on costly, inefficient sourcing tools. KF Recruit helps improve business outcomes by automating manual processes to streamline your recruitment process and making sure you get the right candidates.

gain complete control

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plan your hiring process

Define success better

KF Recruit improves hiring outcomes by understanding what success looks like through our success profiles, market insights, compensation data, customized assessments and interview guides, creating a more comprehensive data driven sourcing plan.

Generate more qualified candidates

KF Recruit identifies both passive and active candidates. Our AI sourcing algorithm works with success profile content including skills, competencies, responsibilities, traits, drivers and job functions to generate 3X more qualified candidates.

intelligent candidate sourcing tools
candidate assessments

Reduce bias in the hiring process

Consistent assessment reduces bias in the hiring process. KF Recruit aligns our library of assessments to every job level and function. You can also create bespoke assessments for unusual positions.

Know more than the competition

KF Recruit gains you a competitive edge by providing market intelligence, salary benchmarks, supply and demand that is built on reward data on more than 20 million professionals, in 25,000 plus companies.

intelligent candidate sourcing tools

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