Building a quality workforce begins with KF Recruit

Korn Ferry Recruit

Improve the candidate and recruiter experience with KF Recruit.
KF Recruit is an AI-enabled automated sourcing technology underpinned by Korn Ferry's intellectual property. Cultivate pools of potential candidates long before you need to hire.

Korn Ferry Recruit

Have a look at how KF Recruit uses AI to make sourcing candidates easier, improving both the recruiter and candidate experience. Built-in Success Profiles offer a complete picture of the ideal candidate, taking into account capability, identity, and accountability factors. CRM capabilities allow you to nurture and manage candidates. With more tactical aspects of your recruiters’ job managed by AI, your recruiters can focus on improving the candidate experience.

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Build a global quality workforce

Building a quality workforce begins with insight. KF Recruit’s Success Profiles help you visualize the ideal candidate for your role. Our market insights give you supply and demand, salary, and time to fill data. The result: you know where the best talent for your role lives, and you can create a more comprehensive data-driven sourcing strategy.

build a global quality workforce
generate more qualified candidates

Generate more qualified candidates

KF Recruit identifies both passive and active candidates, scanning over 500M public profiles and 2.8M+ candidate profiles as well as candidates in your ATS. Our Al sourcing algorithm generates 3X more qualified candidates.

Ensure the best fit

A failed hire can cost you big. Our proven assessments help you pinpoint the competencies, experiences, traits, and drivers for any given role. Use the included interview guides for structured, unbiased interviewing.

ensure the best fit

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everything you need in one place

Everything you need in one place

We've consolidated pay data, job descriptions, candidate supply,and other success criteria for thousands of roles into one system. KF Recruit makes all this information available with a single click, and then applies it to sourcing the best candidate, every time.

Streamline your recruiting

Recruiters spend nearly 1/3 of their work hours sourcing candidates. Optimize the recruiter and candidate experience by automating & accelerating manual processes while making sure you get the right candidates.

streamline your recruiting

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