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Korn Ferry technology platforms empower your recruitment function through unique features and functionality. Our standout pricing structure maximizes your Return On Investment – delivering optimized hiring results, whilst improving your cost metrics.

Korn Ferry Direct
Small to Medium Companies


  • Talent profile library
  • AI sourced passive candidates
  • Manage active candidates
  • Assessments (linked to talent profiles)
  • Automated interviewing scheduling
  • Interview Guide (associated with talent profiles)
  • Compensation data
  • Offer letter

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Korn Ferry Recruit
Large Companies

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  • Get insights driven by Korn Ferry's intellectual property: job description library, compensation data, interview guides, success profiles
  • AI sourced passive candidates, automated
  • CRM: passive candidate profiles, status, notes and communications
  • Data and analytics: AI sourcing analytics, requisition data, candidate data
  • ATS integration

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