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Best-in-class recruiting software

Our Talent Intelligence platform combines everything a world-class sourcing function needs into one integrated platform. Optimize your talent acquisition strategies. Make your entire hiring process more effective and efficient.

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One-Click Sourcing Engine

Our Talent Intelligence platform automates your entire talent acquisition process. It uses machine learning to continually enhance your sourcing activity. It can also handle complex tasks at the click of button, from carrying out market analysis to measuring a candidate’s readiness to move.

Integrated Recruitment & Selection Tool

No need to lose or replace your existing investments. Our Talent Intelligence platform layers on top of your ATS and combines internal and external technologies into one easy-to-use application.

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Critical Hiring & Market Intelligence

Some of Our Talent Intelligence platform’s key features are built on data we have gathered on more than 20 million professionals. Our success profiles use information on behaviors, experiences, competencies, responsibilities and job characteristics to define what good looks like in any role. Our assessments draw on a vast database of previous results to help you identify the ideal candidate every time.

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Better Outcomes, Lower Costs

Limited time and budget available for talent acquisition? The last thing you need is to waste it on costly, ineffective sourcing tools. Our Talent Intelligence platform helps companies improve business outcomes by hiring the right candidate every time.

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Everything in One Place

It’s hard to keep a grip on talent acquisition outcomes when your process is fragmented and you’re jumping between multiple tools. Our Talent Intelligence platform combines everything you need into one easy-to-use application, so you can track the progress of all your activity in real time.

Informed Decision-Making

Bring added rigor to your hiring process. Our Talent Intelligence platform enables you to make data-driven decisions about sourcing strategies, job descriptions, salary levels and candidate fit.

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