Free your day. Finding talent doesn't need to be a full-time job.

Small to Medium Company Solutions

The ideal recruiting platform for small to medium businesses

You may not have the time, money or resources of a major organization. Supplement your human resources department with Korn Ferry Direct, Korn Ferry’s intelligent recruiting platform. Match up against enterprise-level organization’s effectiveness every step of the way.

one click sourcing

One-click Sourcing

Korn Ferry Direct automates your entire hiring process using proprietary algorithms to identify, source and select the right candidates for your business.

Pre-Hire Assessment Tools

Korn Ferry has mapped and analyzed the data from more than 20 million professionals to define the right qualities of any given role. Our success profiles outline the competencies, experiences, traits and drivers you need to look for. Our world-class assessments help you find them.

pre-hire assessment tools
accurate pay data

Accurate Salary Data

Korn Ferry Direct uses data from the world’s most comprehensive pay database to help you choose the right salary every time. We collect all the data from our own clients – and sift it to ensure maximum accuracy.

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Find Great People Faster

No more stressing over sourcing strategies or hiring budgets. Korn Ferry Direct is an intelligent recruiting platform that brings qualified candidates directly through your door.

find great people faster
hiring candidates who will stay

Hiring Candidates Who Will Stay

At Korn Ferry, we have decades of experience identifying candidates who are the right fit. Korn Ferry Direct gives you access to all our tools and insights, so you can find the right person for the job every time.

Nailing the Offer Letter

Meet salary expectations while minimizing salary spend. Korn Ferry Direct uses reward data from 25,000 organizations to ensure your offers are always competitive.

nailing the offer letter

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