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Effective Communicating

Communicating in a way that powerfully connects your message to your audience is a must-have skill for an organization's workforce. The ability to engage, persuade others, and create impact through clear, compelling, and controlled messages can make the difference between success and failure.

Korn Ferry’s Effective Communicating™ is a comprehensive and renowned suite of programs that enhances executive presence and equips participants with the presentation and delivery skills that matter most. Program workshops provide intense, comprehensive learning experiences including live practice, videos, coaching, and additional tools—all offered in a fast-paced, supportive environment. Participants see an immediate improvement in their ability to manage high-stakes situations and drive results through skillful communicating.

Effective Communicating participants learn how to:

  • Create and organize messages that motivate.
  • Develop their executive presence to maintain listener interest and demonstrate confidence.
  • Identify and eliminate the distracting behaviors that can cause listeners to tune out.

Become more credible, confident, and convincing in large group, face-to-face, or voice-to-voice situations.

Each workshop focuses on connecting the speaker to the audience, via gestures, movement, posture, voice, eye communication, pausing techniques and more. Effective Communicating is designed to maximize individual and organizational learning investment through practice, video, peer feedback, and in-room coaching.

This program is available as a standard two-day intensive program, or a streamlined one day workshop.

Go beyond the basics with additional communication programs.

We offer additional communication programs to support the needs of your workforce. These programs are designed for individuals, teams, and new or experienced leaders, as well as groups and include:

We can also help you drive large group interest in the value of communication with Making the Spoken Connection—an interactive 90-minute introduction to Effective Communicating. All programs leverage Korn Ferry’s proven processes to teach participants how to analyze their audience’s needs and develop materials and messages that clarify, inspire, persuade, and motivate. Various tools enable message planning and presentation preparation, and provide frameworks for listening, tailoring content, and managing audience engagement.  |