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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence – the ability to bring out the best in ourselves and others – is the difference between an average performer and an outstanding one. The good news is that it can be learned.

There's more to great performance than technical ability

What separates outstanding performers from the merely average? What’s that elusive quality that sets apart the best from the rest? The answer is emotional and social intelligence.

Research suggests that emotional intelligence is twice as important as cognitive ability in predicting outstanding performance. Technical ability is key to defining competent performance. People who also demonstrate emotional and social intelligence can bring out the best in themselves and in others, improving the performance of everyone around them.

It’s a powerful quality and one that every organization wants to harness. Just imagine what you could achieve if you could identify, quantify and develop the behaviors that set high-performers apart.

We think you can. Through our close partnership with Emotional Intelligence pioneers Dr. Daniel Goleman and Dr. Richard Boyatzis, we’ve found ways of measuring and developing the ‘star qualities’ of high performers.

At the center of our emotional intelligence program is the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI), a unique online survey tool which assesses and measures the emotional and social behaviors of employees. The detailed and valuable feedback it generates allows you to focus your development efforts on the skills that deliver a real performance improvement.

The ESCI doesn’t measure personality traits that can’t be changed; it measures high-performance behaviors that can be developed. You can be confident that you’re measuring and monitoring the things that matter, giving you a basis for developing high-performance behavior across the organization.

The benefits of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional and social intelligence is the ingredient that sets a great employee apart from a merely good one – translating into better performance and competitive advantage for your whole organization:

  • In one organization we found that the sales representatives who scored most highly on emotional and social intelligence performed twice as well as their less effective colleagues
  • In another company, the divisions that were managed by leaders with strong emotional intelligence outperformed their revenue targets by 20 per cent.

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