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How it works

The Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) provides a 360° assessment of an employee’s emotional and social behavior – allowing you, as an accredited practitioner, to quickly interpret and act on the results.

The ESCI measures 12 competencies that set excellent performers apart. The ESCI has been developed through years of research and is the most validated behavioral measure of emotional and social intelligence available. And because it draws on multiple sources of feedback, it’s far more accurate than a self-assessment questionnaire.

We’ll give you everything you need to operate this world-class tool yourself at an affordable price. We’ll show you how to use our self-service administration website, which gives you full control over the use of the ESCI, creating participants, sending survey links to employees and generating feedback reports. And participants can use our interactive e-learning module, which explains what emotional intelligence is all about and why it matters.

Become an accredited practitioner

We’ve developed a two-day program course that gives you everything you need to understand emotional intelligence, the ESCI and how to deliver feedback. The course is for:

  • Licensed psychologists
  • Graduates training in psychology, social work or related fields
  • People with three or more years’ experience in coaching, executive training or internal HR.

Important note: All applicants for the program must also pass our screening process. Attendance doesn’t imply automatic accreditation; you must be able to apply the tool in a feedback situation. Other restrictions apply in some countries.

After you’ve completed the program, we provide our full support to make sure you’re able to apply ESCI in your organization.

Emotional intelligence to go

e-learning module. Our emotional intelligence e-learning module allows your employees to get on with their development wherever they are, at their own pace and in their own time.

The e-learning module can be used as pre-briefing before a program or workshop, to reinforce learning after a program, or to support one-to-one coaching. It makes learning accessible, at the office or at home, and gives your employees the insights they need to make a difference in the workplace. The module includes enjoyable, interactive challenges to help your employees understand how to put what they learn into practice at work, and includes reference materials, useful articles and case studies.

Journey. Journey helps your new graduate hires learn soft skills while they work. It’s a mobile app that takes them through a series of on-the-job exercises in an animated landscape that form a journey of self-discovery. Graduates will build five core emotional and social competencies: self-control, self-motivation, empathy, teamwork and influencing skills. The “journey” takes place over four to six months and uses gamification to keep users engaged. Managers can watch employees’ progress and step in with advice if needed.


Emotional and social intelligence is the ingredient that sets a great employee apart from a merely good one – translating into better performance and competitive advantage for your whole organization:

  • In one organization we found that the sales representatives who scored most highly on emotional and social intelligence performed twice as well as their less effective colleagues
  • In another company, the divisions that were managed by leaders with strong emotional intelligence outperformed their revenue targets by 20 per cent.

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