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Korn Ferry

Elevate your EVP

and your employer brand

EVP Development

As part of Korn Ferry Futurestep, we’re uniquely positioned to help you leverage a distinct candidate offer. Using our signature internal and external research techniques, we identify and differentiate your Employer Value Proposition (EVP). What’s different about our approach? It is borne from Korn Ferry’s industry leading IP, including the competencies, traits and cultural experiences captured within KF4D and other proprietary methodologies.

Our solutions not only enable your brand to attract the best talent, but also inform how recruiters and managers build your teams – and how employees engage with your culture. So that’s where we start – defining the scope of the challenge – and ensuring we gather as much research data as possible regarding internal and external perceptions using our powerful survey tools. Analysis of this data provides the basis for your EVP and the messaging framework that will guide how you communicate with your key talent segments.

Development Journey

Identify employer value proposition on a global or local basis through IP-backed research and analysis

  • Audit competitor presence and capture external perceptions to differentiate your brand
  • Create targeted value propositions for strategic or hard to fill hiring
  • Activate employer value proposition across the employee lifecycle
  • Engage employees and attract external talent through compelling creative
  • Curate content and garner authentic stories that reflect your brand
  • Measure and refine your strategies to drive higher ROI

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