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Drive organizational performance

with Enterprise Agility.

Enterprise Agility

Today’s business exists in a complex, unpredictable environment. The volume, speed, and scale of change is so impactful that it is disruptive and can derail an organization’s strategy. As such, organizations are faced with this question:

How do we progress and stay competitive in this environment?
The answer: enterprise agility.

Enterprise agility is a company’s ability to outperform the competition and drive growth in new, ambiguous situations by learning and adapting when confronted with foreseen and unforeseen circumstances, dilemmas, crises, and complex problems.

Learning agility drives enterprise agility.

So, what makes an enterprise agile? The level of learning agility among its employees and leaders.Learning agility is the ability and willingness to learn from experience, and subsequently apply that learning to perform successfully under new and first-time conditions. And in today’s business climate, learning agility is what drives success and gives enterprises the adaptability to meet the unknown and thrive.

There are five factors of learning agility:

Learning Agility Graphic

Diagnose your enterprise agility.

To understand the agility of the enterprise, organizations need to assess the learning agility of their talent at the individual level. Korn Ferry’s leading viaEDGE® self-assessment readily measures individuals’ learning agility to gauge the organization’s overall strategic agility while answering the key questions for leaders:

  • How learning agile is my organization overall?

  • How agile does my organization need to be given the business strategy we are pursuing?

  • Where in my organization do we need the most agility and how do we address and fill the gaps?

  • How can we drive further growth by maximizing the potential of our organization’s talent?

The agility-to-business-strategy fit.

Once learning agility is measured, Korn Ferry can help organizations determine which factors of agility need to be strengthened, and how to build them within the workforce to achieve specific strategies. By measuring agility against business strategies, organizations can identify precise areas where their talent and strategy are aligned or where there are shortfalls. Organizations that identify this and take an agility-oriented approach to talent can then build enterprise agility that aligns with their key strategic priorities.

How can we help?

We employ a four-stage process that results in not only an agility profile, but more importantly a roadmap that sets priorities to ensure organizations have the ability to successfully execute on their strategy.