Change is constant in the aviation, aerospace, and defense sectors, with increasing demand for new and more efficient aircraft, new business models for transporting people and goods, the need for growth in new areas of technology in response to asymmetrical threats to national security, and geographic shifts to faster growing regions such as Asia, the Middle East, and India. In response, businesses are prioritizing leaders who possess strong international experience; who can innovate, collaborate, and develop differentiated products and services; and who proactively lead in times of uncertainty. Increasingly, the industry is developing internal successors to fill pivotal, mission critical roles, while identifying and investing in the next generation of leaders.

Korn Ferry’s global aviation, aerospace, and defense sector specializes in helping you attract, develop, and retain best-in-breed leaders. As budgets shrink, global instability rises, competition increases, regulations change, markets shift, and technologies evolve, it’s more important than ever to ensure your leadership pipeline is agile and capable of delivering high performance leaders. We offer a full range of talent solutions designed to effectively address aerospace and defense talent needs — from strategic search services, competency-based assessments, interactive high-potential leadership development programs to one-on-one coaching, strategic talent design, and succession planning.




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