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On-Demand Broadcast: Accelerate leadership communications: Elevating credibility and impact

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Effective communication skills are fast becoming a professional differentiator at all levels. By cultivating these skills, organizations can support the continued success of employees while also enhancing internal and external relationships.

An employee’s ability to connect with audiences and keep listeners engaged and involved depends on a wide range of factors, from gestures, movement, and posture, to voice, eye communication and pausing techniques. Join this session to learn more about the principles of effective communicating and how they enable your workforce to perform more effectively with clients, with senior leaders, and with each other.

Participants of this webinar will learn how to:

  • Create and organize messages that motivate.
  • Use voice, eye contact, gestures, and movement to maintain listener interest and demonstrate confidence.
  • Identify and eliminate the distracting behaviors that can cause listeners to tune out.

Who should participate?

  • All HR professionals

Presenters: Katharine Stowe, Darryl Smith, Pete Ambrozaitis