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On-Demand Broadcast: Succession Matters: Part one. Effective succession management planning

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When it comes to succession, most organizations start at the top.

And while that’s an approach that works in the short-term, we believe succession management should go further. That it should be about the bigger picture – the complete talent pipeline.

Korn Ferry conducted a comprehensive global succession management survey across 54 countries. More than 1,000 business leaders took part.

You’d think that most organizations have a steady pipeline of leadership talent. Yet according to our global survey, only 1/3 of senior executives were satisfied with their succession management outcomes.

Join us for the first webinar in a three-part Succession Matters series as we discuss our research and its implications for organizations to ensure they have the right talent, in the right place, at the right time—to activate, drive, and execute business strategy.

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