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On-Demand Broadcast: Succession Matters: Part two. Accurate identification of leadership potential

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When it comes to succession, thriving organizations don’t just look to the top.

Succession management should never just be about the boardroom. It should be about identifying and nurturing leadership potential wherever it exists, at every level.

To further explore this critical topic, we invite you to join our experts for the second Succession Matters webinar in the three-part series as they discuss why a sustainable pipeline of future leaders makes perfect business sense, and provide you with proven processes to accurately identify your future leaders with the Seven Signposts of leadership potential.

Some key findings from our global succession management survey include:

  • Only 1/3 say they are confident in their talent decisions.
  • High-potential talent is not being accurately identified.
  • Misidentified, ill-fit candidates are promoted into key roles.

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