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On-Demand Broadcast: What’s Trending in Financial Services Talent Acquisition? (EMEA)

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One of the most digitally-forward industries, as well as one of the most regulated, Financial Services faces its own set of recruiting challenges. Companies are moving quickly to adopt new technologies to enhance the customer experience and better protect sensitive data, driving an unprecedented demand for technology talent within the industry. When it comes to the younger generation, money still matters, but now so too does diversity. Though African-Americans make up almost 15% of the US population, they account for less than 3% of senior positions within the financial services industry. Discrepancies like these are a turnoff for millennials.

Please join us for an insightful discussion around the trends shaping talent acquisition in the Financial Services industry, the challenges – from STEM talent to diversity – that have stemmed as a result, and how providers are developing strategies to overcome these obstacles.


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