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Embedding Hay Group Compensation Data Into the Executive Search Process

Korn Ferry’s Executive Snapshot™

Inside the report: Assessment

Assessment profile

Based on the role’s Korn Ferry Hay Group Reference Level and our research, the Executive Snapshot report provides an Assessment Profile that highlights the attributes needed for each role from our world-leading KF4D Assessment Model.

By leveraging the largest set of data on talent – more than 2.5 million assessments – Korn Ferry has insight into the dimensions of talent crucial for executives. The four dimensions include competencies, traits, drivers, and experiences. Taking all four dimensions into account gives our clients a holistic view of how each candidate's qualities fit a specific role.

For each Search engagement, the traits, competencies, and drivers will be tailored to the unique conditions of the role based on the Job Profile Exercise and Unique Client Profile (UCP) in the KF4D process.

Assessment profile