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Embedding Hay Group Compensation Data Into the Executive Search Process

Korn Ferry’s Executive Snapshot™

Executive Snapshot

Finding top talent can be time-consuming, costly and complex, but science and analytics can simplify and accelerate your search while mitigating risk.

And no one knows more about the science of performance than Korn Ferry. That’s why we are excited to introduce Executive Snapshot, an innovative new tool that brings work measurement and pay data into Korn Ferry’s world-leading Search offering.

Executive Snapshot incorporates over 70 years of Korn Ferry Hay Group’s world leading job grading, job description and salary benchmarking methodologies into each Korn Ferry Search engagement. Along with Korn Ferry’s 4D Executive Assessment, it will help organizations not only ensure they are choosing the right candidate, but also offering a competitive reward package based on the role’s unique level and requirements to ensure they attract and retain the best talent.

How it works

For each Korn Ferry Search engagement, the Executive Snapshot report pulls salary data from Korn Ferry Hay Group’s PayNet – the world’s most comprehensive pay database that contains current reward data for over 20 million employees in over 110 counties, across 25,000 organizations. Additionally, the report provides job grading for each role using Korn Ferry Hay Group’s job benchmarking methodology, which is the world’s most comprehensive and widely used job evaluation process.

Through this new tool, clients will now have even greater insights into not only ensuring they choose the right candidate to hire, but also compensate them appropriately.


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