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Embedding Hay Group Compensation Data Into the Executive Search Process

Korn Ferry’s Executive Snapshot™

Inside the report: Compensation

Market Total Compensation

Korn Ferry’s Executive Snapshot™ provides real-time directional guidance on executive compensation and competitive market pay ranges including: Base Salary, Bonus, Target Bonus and Long Term Incentive pay data. The pay data we use is drawn from Korn Ferry Hay Group's PayNet – the world's largest proprietary pay database. This powerful online tool provides instant access to the most reliable and complete pay data available, specific to your industry, function and location. All this data is underpinned by our industry leading job evaluation methodology – we invented this and remain the gold standard.

Executive Snapshot breaks down:

  • Base Pay
  • Bonus
  • Variable/Long Term Incentives
  • Industry
  • Function
  • Geography