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Korn Ferry

Accelerated development for

senior executives and enterprise leaders.

Executive to Leader Institute

Korn Ferry’s Executive to Leader Institute® (ELI) uniquely equips executives for C-Suite level roles and the challenges of leadership at the enterprise level. 

The transition from executive to enterprise-level leader is more than just a promotion. It requires a step-change across all aspects of leadership, from how executives manage themselves to how they interact with others, and ultimately how they engage the broader organization. The ELI team helps the executive develop capabilities across all areas of leadership through deep exploration of their true leadership potential and a specific course of action that leverages the best of what they can bring to the company. 

Most executives work with a single coach. But all too often the pace and singular focus in one area of leadership is not enough to yield visible results fast enough. The Korn Ferry team model and in-residence component accelerate the executive’s progress toward step-change improvements in their leadership.

At a glance

Acknowledged by Fast Company as the “Mayo Clinic” of leadership development, Korn Ferry Institutes are based on best practices garnered from more than 20 years of field-tested executive development experience with the world’s leading companies. We provide emerging and existing C-suite and senior executives transformative development experiences that empower them to solve today’s business challenges and execute tomorrow’s strategies.

Key program components

A specialized team: Three consultants, each focused on distinct aspects of enterprise leadership, work with the executive for 12 months. Korn Ferry consultants bring more than 15 years’ experience working with enterprise
leaders in areas such as:

  • Personal leadership: Developing self-awareness is critical. The executive’s values, strength, and character directly affect the performance of the entire organization.
  • Interpersonal leadership: Senior teams by their nature are often the least effective teams. An enterprise leader must be able to effectively lead a “team of leaders” so organizational growth can be sustained.
  • Organizational leadership: Executives must learn to transcend divisional and functional points of view in order to influence across the organization with purpose, vision, and inspiration.

A custom program and in-residence institute

Every executive’s development program is designed specifically for his or her needs. Conducting the program in a specialized setting away from everyday distractions allows for focused, in-depth work.

Korn Ferry leadership development model

ELI develops leaders from the “inside-out” by clarifying values, strengths, and core purpose, and from the “outside-in” through interviews, feedback, and multi-rater assessments.