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Employee and Physician Engagement Solutions

Engagement success hinges on transforming data into strategy.

Employee and physician engagement represents a top C-suite priority for good reason: evidence throughout the industry confirms that increases in engagement levels can lead to improvements in quality of care, patient experience, operational efficiency, clinical outcomes and key financial metrics. Achieving these benefits hinges on your ability to transform engagement data into actionable insights – and to translate those insights into a strategic road map with a system-wide reach. Many leadership teams have found that they cannot achieve their engagement goals simply by notching incremental gains derived from a collection of discreet work-unit action plans.

A critical pathway to fulfilling your healthcare mission.

Korn Ferry Health analyzes your engagement data through an Organization and a People lens in combination with relevant performance metrics to develop your unique engagement strategy. The depth and breadth of our capabilities drives the execution of this strategy and fosters accountability throughout the system. Since engagement does not exist in a silo, we link this plan to your other strategic initiatives, including those related to patient experience, retention efforts, value-based care and hospital/physician alignment. We are well-versed in connecting strategy to execution, whether your strategy focuses on equipping leaders to manage change, building an inclusive workplace, determining the right rewards systems, developing a high-value employer brand, developing a senior leadership team or numerous other objectives that actively influence the engagement of your workforce. Our experience developing and executing integrated, top-down and bottom-up engagement strategies produces value-driven outcomes that will help you fulfill your healthcare mission.


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